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On his last day of his presidency… — January 19, 2017

On his last day of his presidency…

Barack Obama will pardon a Mexican citizen who was captured with the aid of a funny looking man and a sexy, naive actress who thought she was making a film with the great American film star named… Sean Penn.

Instead this actress or should I just say “female actor,” was used and thrown away like a dirty rag after the Mexican police captured a little, harmless man, who is a benefactor of the people, just as harmless but BIG, with little hands and perhaps a big member between his legs.  Just ask Melania!

Little Marco Rubio who became an automaton during a “presidential debate,” failed to capitalise when he had the chance to prove that his willy was bigger than the bully on the pulpit.  “Drop your trousers and show me your penis!” Is what Marco Rubio should have said to his opponent.

Instead, two bullies were ganging up on “littlt marco.”  Big and rotund with the attitude of a NewYorker, the current governor of New Jersey, the one who was found not to be complicit in “BRidgeGAte,” tagged team effectively to end little marco’s aspiration to be president of the United States.

Returning to the impending pardon of a Mexican citizen, currently being held in another swiss cheese jail in North America.  President Barack Obama will personally fly Air Force One to pick up him up before the wall starts to grow higher and higher.  He will land with his guest, after giving him a flyover the Statue of Liberty, on Fifth Avenue.  He will taxi past the garrish building with those men who were once in Cartagena; to see the Cardinal of New York.  The very affable man in the middle at that  famous dinner where he was just laughing and having fun with the last standing candidates for president of the US.

The cardinal will come down the stairs of Saint Patrick Cathedral with a bottle of Evian  and a rag to clean El Chapo’s feet.  President Barack Obama,  Cardinal O’Connor, and little ElChapo will walk holding hands to his new residence on Fifth Avenue.  The red velvet ropes will be parted and the golden doors of the three elevators will all be waiting for these three men.  Thus fulfilling the prophecy of the current superintendent of this building.  Mexico is sending us their…



Tarpon Springs’ Epiphany dove is a frequent flier — January 17, 2017

Tarpon Springs’ Epiphany dove is a frequent flier


Continue reading – Schumacher’s medical bill reaches $25m — December 31, 2016 – Schumacher’s medical bill reaches $25m


I found this article from that you might be interested in:

I always thought Michael Schumacher’s injury was an accident. But seeing that he went off the ski run into a rocky terrain when he had the option to avoid it totally changes my view of his accident.  He was a fool who thought he was invincible on the track, except when crossing paths with Juan Pablo Montoya in the tunnel in Monaco, and he was irresponsible when he chose to bisect the safer routes; just to enhance his ski run.  I don’t think he ended up in the rock garden by chance or mistake.  Now his family has to suffer the consequences of a foolish decision.


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Pan Am pilots, still feeling victimized 28 years after Lockerbie, seek money from Libya fund from The Washington Post — December 21, 2016
Muslim Woman Made Up Hate Crime on Subway, Police Say — December 20, 2016

Muslim Woman Made Up Hate Crime on Subway, Police Say

An 18-year-old Muslim woman who claimed that three men attacked her on a Manhattan subway this month and tried to pull off her hijab was charged on Wednesday with filing a false report, the police said.

The woman, Yasmin Seweid, a student at Baruch College, was also charged with obstructing governmental administration, the police said. Both charges are misdemeanors.

Ms. Seweid, of New Hyde Park on Long Island, had told the police that three white men screaming “Donald Trump!” attacked her on Dec. 1 on an uptown No. 6 train at East 23rd Street, reported.

She told the police that the men had called her a terrorist and that when she tried to move to the other end of the subway car, one of them followed and tried to pull off her traditional head scarf.

DNAinfo reported that she recanted the story on Tuesday and had made it up to get attention because of problems she was having with her family.

NYPD confirms they’ve arrested Yasmin Seweid, who said she was attacked on subway, for filing false report

Russia Had a Secret Cold War Space Station Equipped with Cannons — December 14, 2016

Russia Had a Secret Cold War Space Station Equipped with Cannons

Hello, Death Star: Russia Had a Secret Cold War Space Station Equipped with Cannons –

Back in 1968, three Apollo 8 astronauts circled the moon on Christmas Eve and returned home, where they were greeted with a ticker-tape parade and honored on the cover of Time. Far out of sight from these public celebrations, however, another group of astronauts was training to reach space. Unlike the Apollo program, these spacemen were part of a clandestine military operation that had less to do with peaceful exploration of the heavens and much more to do with wreaking havoc in them.

Continue reading

Sofia Vergara: US actress faces lawsuit ‘from own embryos’ — December 8, 2016

Sofia Vergara: US actress faces lawsuit ‘from own embryos’

Modern Family star Sofia Vergara is being, in effect, sued by two frozen embryos she conceived with the partner she split from, US media report.

The embryos, named Emma and Isabella, are listed in Louisiana court documents obtained by the New York Post. 

She and Nick Loeb separated in 2014 and he has already tried unsuccessfully to sue for the embryos’ custody. 

The new lawsuit argues that the embryos are being deprived of their inheritance from a trust by not being born. Continue reading

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