150 Years Ago This Pistol Changed the Destiny of the United States of America.

Wider Image: Memories of Lincoln

The  American Civil War had ended just five days before Abraham Lincoln became the first president of the United States of America to be assassinated.


How different would this country have been if this man had been able to live through the first years of the reconstruction of this nation?

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Should Airplanes Be Flying Themselves? Is Your Pilot Competent To Fly or Do You Have a Flying Robot in Control of Your Plane?

“This is another unintended consequence of designing  airplanes that anyone can fly  : anyone can take you up on the offer. Beyond the degradation of basic skills of people who may once have been competent pilots, the fourth-generation jets have enabled people who probably never had the skills to begin with and should not have been in the cockpit. As a result, the mental makeup of airline pilots has changed. On this there is nearly universal agreement—at Boeing and Airbus, and among accident investigators, regulators, flight-operations managers, instructors, and academics. A different crowd is flying now, and though excellent pilots still work the job, on average the knowledge base has become very thin.”775


Playboy’s Party Joke


A little boy hurt his finger and ran into the house to show his mother.

“Oh,” she said, “let me get a Band-Aid for that.”

“No!” Cried the boy.  “Cider!”

“Cider?” The mother asked.  “What on earth do you want cider for?”

“Because,” he explained, “Sis says whenever she gets a prick in her hand, she likes to put in cider.”

January 2008