make the foot fetish videos?

This was the first question posed by a female reporter after Rex Ryan opened the floor for questioning.  After an uncomfortable pause lasting three or four seconds, the coach of the New York Jets stammered a response.

“I…well…you know, obviously I knew you know, these questions, you know, these questions, comments and things (unintelligible),… this is a personal matter and I’m not going to discuss it.
Can you confirm that was you and your wife in that video, or…? Again,… you know, this is…. this is a personal matter and,… you know I hope you can respect the,… the fact, that I wish not to discuss it.   Rex can you talk about how these tapes how these videos got on YouTube how they got on the public eye?.   Again,…this is a personal matter and I really don’t want to discuss this.”

By not denying the making of these innocuous videos , the perception is that this man loves his wife’s feet very much.  He added when he was asked to comment about his wife:  “My wife is beautiful and she’s been,… we’ve been married 23 years, and you know,…we’ve,… she’s awesome.

Why don’t men in the United States of America have the balls and guts to tell the world they enjoy their wifes, concubines, mistresses, aides, secretaries, prostitutes, escorts, and/or other men?  They start the denial process by telling the media that this is none of their business.  This denial is the second mistake and probably the worst they’ll make of their lives.

Bret Favre, a former player for the NJ/NY Jets has recently denied sexting a younger woman.  He allegedly photographed his penis in his quest to entice this woman to his lair.  With all the millions he’s been paid he was unable to hire a professional photographer to make his penis more alluring.  The woman was obviously not impressed by this man’s photographic talents.

A former president of the United States also denied having “sex” with “that woman”, knowing or not, that, “that woman” had biological evidence.  Apparently  she didn’t catch the first or last spasm of his wandering penis.  Her dress did.

A former governor of New York State became known as  “Client Number 9“? and another who was also a Vice President of our country died of a heart attack, while allegedly having sex with a much younger woman.

All these denials of reality have only created a feeding frenzy in the media.  Mr. Ryan should have answered these nosy reporters with an affirmative.  Yes!  That’s my beautiful wife’s feet and I’m the dorky husband filming this video.  He could have continued to comment…Also, I’ve professed my love for her and her feet by posting foolishly these videos for all to see.  Any more questions?