Planet's cheapest car, the Nano xj.
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A car known as the world’s cheapest, the Tata Nano is needing a makeover.  After quickly becoming a a cult hit and being praised as an example of Indian innovation, the world cheapest car is being bought by very few people.  The $2000 Nano’s sales are so slow the car is almost extinct on India’s roads.  Safety concerns about the Nano is one of the reasons for the lack of interest in this car.  About six have burst into flames.  The cause of the fires being either electrical or exhaust system problems,  is still to be determined.  Poor marketing and competition from other companies which have targeted young adults with claims they build better, reliable cars has been another.  Then there is the social image of being only able to afford a cheap car, therefore telling all of India that the buyer is a poor person.  How shameful Indians will not buy this affordable car for fear of being labeled…CHEAP.