The long anticipated Verizon iPhone4 has been announced but beware of the spy you might bring home.

iPhone 4. Verizon. It begins.


The phone that changed everything.
Coming to America’s most reliable network.

Is your smartphone allowing others to see your photographs, text messages, e-mails, and files?  Is it keeping track of your location through constant GPS updates?  Is it allowing others to listen to your calls?  Or are you aware your cell phone can be remotely turned on to act as a microphone, thereby allowing others to listen surreptitiously to any activity?

BlackBerrys, Androids, iPhones and other phones which accept apps may be infected with spyware.  You might have innocently installed the program by clicking on a link, or the spy might have had a few minutes with your phone to enter a code into it.

How can you tell if your phone is infected with spyware? Check  your bill.  Are there unknown phone numbers coinciding with any of your legitimate calls?  Does your battery drain quickly, or does it feel warm even though you haven’t used the phone? Does your phone flicker when it is not being used?

Avoid having spyware  installed on your phone by using a handset pass code to lock it,  don’t open any links from unknown parties, and don’t leave it unattended at any time.