In Belgium and France, lawmakers are attacking  national and religious traditions by claiming women who wear veils are being forced do so by their families.  These politician’s interference into the traditions of those who left their countries of birth, is troubling. Why should immigrants conform to the traditions of their new nations? That these nations are considering changing laws to force women to not wear veils is ridiculous.  This should not be a concern to the nations that allowed them to emigrate.  Respect of religious freedom and traditions, should include tolerance to whatever dress or covering any immigrants’ traditions require.

In the United States of America, lawmakers are still dealing with the problem of the illegal immigrant. The “Dream Act” which would have allowed the children of those who entered U.S. soil  illegally, the right of citizenship, did not pass a vote by the House of  Representatives on December 18, 2010.

The United States of America does not require its habitants to prove their citizenship.  Those born in the United States, are not able to prove citizenship with the documents they carry in their wallets. Most have a driver’s license, a library card, a few dollars, an insurance card, a photograph and a few receipts. With these documents, if a law was passed requiring the proof of citizenship before a hospital could administer aid, most would fail the citizenship test.  There aren’t many in the United States that out of habit carry their passports or birth certificates. To make the identification of U.S. citizens easier, perhaps a card should be issued to all who can prove their right to be legally in the United  States..

Instead of attacking the poor illegal immigrant, U.S. legislators should pass a law requiring all citizens to register for  a national identity card.