shut down its last operating Internet Service Provider to prevent the masses from communicating instantly with each other.  What was ignited a few weeks ago in Tunisia, with the successful overthrow of President Zine el Abidine Ben Ali, has given hope to the Egyptian masses who have rallied to force changes in Hosni Mubarak’s administration.  The swearing in of a new  cabinet and a new Vice-President, Omar Suleiman, who has promised new elections, constitutional reform, and an open dialogue with political parties, have not extinguished the flames of discontent.  Adding to the uncertainty of President Hosni Mubarak ‘s continued rule, is the role of  The Egyptian army which has said it will not use force against protesters who have taken to the streets to demand his resignation.  There is a climax to this revolutionary drama which will probably end with the exile of Mubarak to France or the United States  and the continued rule of the military with a puppet president at its head.  Fearing the wild fire of unrest are the other Arab nations, whose loyal allies have always been the United States and England.,8599,2043557,00.html