The snow and ice is finally starting to melt away in Texas.  With the Super Bowl scheduled for tomorrow, many airlines are scheduling extra flights to bring the fans to the Metroplex just in time to allow visitors to enjoy the Saturday pregame festivities in Arlington.  Light snow accumulations are forecast for Sunday, but that will not be a problem for those fans from Pittsburgh and Green Bay who are very experienced drivers in snow and ice conditions unlike the locals who I saw driving on Wednesday in icy conditions on 35W Northbound.  One of these yokels driving a truck, who was doing the speed limit in the left lane was suckered by the dry tracks on the highway to find his lane under the overpasses covered in ice.  Surprised by his lack of traction on ice he soon found himself sliding sideways at 55 mph, hitting the divider, spinning and ending facing the road perpendicular to the highway completely blocking the left lane.  We  drove past him slowly.  His bewildered look said it all.