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and was so proud of her accomplishment, she took evidence pictures of the bed where she “hooked up” with this rich 24-year-old man-child.  Why after having slept with her new conquest would this woman take evidence pictures to send to Deadspin?

Andrea Peyser in her huge NY Post page, occupied a little 2×2 inch box to write.  “A 17-year-old child says she hooked up with role model Jet quaterback Mark Sanchez, insisting she’d reached the age of consent before going home with ‘MARK F**CKING SANCHEZ!’  Hide your daughters.  It’s the off season.”

Obviously I disagree with Andrea Peysers’ characterization of the two lovers.  The woman, Eliza Kruger, met the man, Mark Sanchez,  a rich jock at Lavo, a Manhattan nightclub.  Allegedly this 17-year-old has been practicing going to nightclubs with her mother since she was just a 15-year-old child.  What does this Mother-daughter club hopping duo do when one picks up a man to bag for the night?

Eliza’s parents, Marie Kruger, and her former husband Chip Kruger were divorced in 2006.  Neither party was found to be at fault because Mrs. Kruger allegedly flirted with a gentleman at a local watering hole in the mid-1990’s and slept with her rowing coach while Mr. Kruger was having a two-year affair.  Neither parent has apparently been a good role model for their four children.

The New York Post reports of a nightlife source that Eliza was recently hanging out with a promoter who works with a lot of the clubs and that this promoter introduced Eliza to Mark, not knowing she was just seventeen.  “She looks a lot older when she’s all dressed up for a night out.”  No kidding, an underage woman who frequents Manhattan’s nightclubs will obviously try to dress to look older so she can match the identification she’s carrying and certainly the clubs are unable to spot fakes.

To add to the sleaze of this union of rich folks, Mark Sanchez was on a date when he met Eliza on New Year’s Eve and still managed to get her number.