Lara Logan in today’s issue.  White House tells Egypt…FIND THE BEASTS.

Again I ask do you see any camels surrounding the brave reporter?

Ashleigh Banfield, an ABC News correspondent, describes the dangers and hazards that are shared by female war correspondents in many demonstrations that are populated predominantly by men.  In the anonymity of a mob, the women are groped, pinched,  and slapped.  They might “experience severe molestation in a discretely sinister way.”

Ms. Banfield continues to express how uncomfortable she has become covering crowded marches and demonstrations in Islamic nations, where the crowd is strictly composed of men.  She will not recount “an extraordinarily personal grope” she suffered in a rally in Islamabad, Pakistan.

After that incident, she states, “Without question, it enlightened me as to the lengths some Muslim men, in some very strict societies, would go to defy their God for a fleeting thrill.”