A Cousin of the Lions of Bolivia
A Cousin of the Lions of Bolivia


When Evo Morales, signed a law banning live animals from traveling circuses in Bolivia it created a problem that has found a solution in Keenesburgh, Colorado.

Pat Craig’s “passion for castoff carnivores started just after high school, when a friend gave him a tour behind the scenes at a small zoo. There he saw unwanted animals being held in small cages, destined to be put to death.”

“He started with a black leopard named Freckles, a zoo castoff from North Carolina after receiving approval to keep large carnivores on the farm. Next came a mountain lion from a Utah amusement park and then a pet black bear from California.”

When  Pat Craig was just 20, he received his first batch of cats. “Police had seized eight lions, three leopards and a jaguar from a Colorado doctor who was raising them for their pelts.”

Having arrived on Wednesday, February 16, on a chartered cargo flight were the Bolivian lions, that thankfully for the law Bolivian President Evo Morales signed, will now live out their lives not being exploited by humans.

Mr. Craig dreams about the day when people will stop trafficking in exotic animals, making what he does unnecessary.

How did I come upon this beautiful act of human kindness? I was watching the Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson on the DVR and the guest was Bob Barker who is an animal activist. The only link I had, was just the name of the city where Mr. Barker said he would be.