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hub in Brownsville, Texas. Operating initially as a cargo carrier using leased Boeing 727 aircraft, the reincarnated airline will operate between Brownsville and Mexico City. After establishing itself, the airline hopes to expand cargo services to Africa and begin passenger service from Brownsville to vacation spots in Mexico. Do we really need another airline?“Since the original Pan Am declared bankruptcy in 1991, a handful of attempts have been made to breathe life into the carrier and reignite its storied passenger-service reputation. Pan Am President Robert Hedrick has plans for making Pan American a passenger carrier, but has chosen to begin operations exclusively on the cargo side in order to build up revenue. The concept of rolling out the cargo business first and then moving into passenger service is uncommon, Hedrick said, but this unorthodox path will ensure the latest incarnation of Pan Am doesn’t go the way of its predecessors. “The cargo business is where we will become stable.'”