wedding of two 29-year-old people?  What is the big deal if  the man whose title is Prince will marry an older wrs_1024x784-140721111331-1024.Prince-George-Birthday-Butterfly-2-072114oman?  I really don’t understand what the excitement is about.  The Prince and future bride will not be exchanging rings.  The Prince will not wear a ring because I guess a Prince doesn’t belong to anyone and by the time the wedding is over, with all the news coverage,  I don’t think there will be a single woman in the world who will not know this man is taken.  The bride will be instantly crowned a princess as soon as the near balding Prince pronounces the words, I do.  And then in a few months the world will go crazy again when this breeding pair tell the world that the royal line will have another Prince or Princess.  Even though I’m not too enthused about this Royal Wedding, I do hope they will have a successful and happy marriage.