because I did not want to rent a car and spend my vacation driving around like we did last year when we drove from Pisa to Monaco to Bergamo to Verona to Florence and Venice.  The agent working the First Class counter takes my carry on baggage because it’s too heavy.  They only allow 12 kilos.  Even before he hands us our boarding cards he rudely calls for the next passenger.  He reaches for their documents while we are still putting our passports away.  If this is the first impression he gives us of Czech Airlines I worry how bad this is going to be.

Fortunately the Czech flight attendants do a better job of representing their company.  The first leg on an Embraer 170 is very comfortable but the leg on the Airbus 320 is torture.  The lumbar support is too high and all it does is poke uncomfortably our backs.  Waiting for us at the airport in Prague is our driver.  I see he’s holding my name.  Thirty minutes later we’re stopped by police who check the vehicle for explosives.

We’re staying in the Mala Strana neighborhood near the US and German Embassies.  When we go for a walk I notice there isn’t a police roadblock on the one way street one block away on Bretislavova.  What’s the use of stopping traffic if another access is left unprotected.  Why would someone with an intent to do harm follow any traffic directions.  Anyone can drive up this street the wrong way make a left and another left to drive directly to the two embassies.

Continued later.