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Dr. Rakesh Punn of Bethpage,  New York plead not guilty to charges that include assault,  sexual abuse,  promoting a sexual performance by a child, unlawful surveillance, and improperly obtaining the date-rape drug, chloral hydrate.

Dr. Punn allegedly drugged his victims after convincing them they were undergoing medically necessary examinations.  He videotaped or photographed some on his victims and wrote about them on his computer with citations from the Kama Sutra.  There he compiled instructions on how to molest them.

While doing his “examinations” he drugged the girls, some as young as 11, with a sedative, covering their eyes with gauze or a blindfold and then proceeded to medically assault them.

Dr.Punn, who was first arrested last July, had his bail raised to $10 million bond or $5 million cash.  Fortunately for society, the good doctor is not able to post bail because prosecutors have frozen his assets.

Where were the parents of these girls when they were being examined?  Who in their right mind sends a child to be examined without being present in the examination room?