In the last couple of days there has been a list of individuals complied by two Utah state employees.  This list consisted of men, women and children determined by these two individuals as “illegal”.  Included in the list were phone numbers, dates of births, bank account information, credit card information, pregnancy due dates of the women who were pregnant on the list, schools and family members. These two state employees turned this list over to the State of Utah and demanded that the individuals named be deported.   The list specifically targeted the Hispanic community.

The penalty for violation of State law is $1000 and 6 mos-1 year in prison.  Federal law demands $5000 and up to 5 years.

In the current political atmosphere the question of immigration is a hot topic.  Care must be taken to prevent the “vigilante” type of mentality.  Rhode Island has been checking immigration status long before Arizona became the center of attention.  There has been no word of state employees there creating a list.  Yet Utah’s state employees took it upon themselves to do this.

What bothers me is that this list was taken from records which were supposed to be safe.  The employees have shown that anything can be exposed.  Some of the individuals on the list were actual legal residents.  Their lives were disrupted due to overzealous employees.  The employees will get a slap on the wrist while those on the list will suffer more.

I had a discussion with someone today who was clearly anti-Hispanic.  It saddened and angered me that this person assumed a few things.  He used the term Hispanic applying it only to Mexicans-which is incorrect.  He assumed we here in the United States have an official language-English.  We don’t.  He was determined that the whole thing was the Hispanics fault and they deserved it.

Our country is open to the world.  Those who come to our shores are looking for new lives-opportunity.  Yes, some are here illegally.  We here have always assumed that they would speak English but the reality is that here we speak many languages.  I speak five and learning another.

This encounter has left a very bad taste in my mouth…and it has also reminded me that the world is nothing but shades of grey going into black.

Btw-I have not heard a thing since this came out.


  1. Excellent account of what life will become for foreigners in the United States of America if the vigilantes working in government agencies misuse their authority. What is your ethnic background? I normally do not reblog other’s work but if you permit me I would like to post this in my site.

    November 22, 2011 at 7:10 am

    • Kali’s Heart
       One, thank you so much for reading. This part of my site I use to just vent or comment my own political feelings or observations. Unfortunately, what happened in Utah could very well happen in other states. The whole issue with undocumented immigrants and the checking of identification in Arizona is not new, Rhode Island has been doing it for years. While I am not against checking identifications, it makes me leery as to how far this will and can go from an abuse standpoint of view. My bet that with the current atmosphere, it has traveled along that road but has been kept quiet. Yes, I have turned into a slight cynic.

      You are more than welcome to re-post this blog.

      As far as my ethnicity, I am Mexican born, with a Spanish/French/Dutch heritage and an American. I speak more than English. :)