Apparently this is what Bill O’Reilly thinks.  In a op-ed opinion in the New York Post on Friday December 2, 2011 Mr. O’Reilly (aka O’Really?) describes her Thanksgiving special with Katie Couric — where she performs before family and friends and offers a glimpse of her personal life, as an act where “somewhere, Janis Joplin is weeping.”  Not content with disparaging the singer’s special he informs us that the 237th airing of  “A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving” trounced her in the ratings.

Continuing to belittle Lady Gaga and using an AP report,  he paraphrases:  Apparently, Gaga designed a special holiday shop (“Gaga’s Workshop” at Barneys clothing store in Manhattan) featuring “a gigantic cartoon statue of the superstar herself in a pinup pose surrounded by jagged mirrors and sitting atop thousands of black plastic discs.”

Lady Gaga's Workshop at Barneys

Does this represent the “true” holiday spirit?  He doesn’t think so and I think Lady Gaga had no intention at all trying to represent any religious spirit in her very creative workshop.

To end his op-ed piece he states:  At this rate, Gaga will be co-hosting with Kelly Ripa any day now.  The lady may be trying not to be a tramp, but she certainly has met the shark — and jumped it.