Now anyone can have a baby if they’re willing to pay.

A man can take his sperm to fertilize an egg and then watch his embryo being introduced into his surrogate.  His pregnant surrogate is kept at the clinic which can house up to 50 surrogates at a time.  He will receive updates, including ultrasounds, via email.  All he has to do is wait for the delivery which is approximately what he would do if he just impregnated a willing partner.

What then is the nationality of  the child and how does he bring this foreign-born child to his home country?  I think this complicates the procedure a little more.

Didn’t Matthew Broderick and Sarah Jessica Parker hire a surrogate to have their last brood?

Then, one day, while watching Oprah, they heard about a relatively new way to have a child: using an Indian surrogate. 

At first, Griebe and Fister didn’t think an Indian surrogate would be an option. “We just dismissed it because when we searched it, we found that most clinics would only deal with traditional couples,” says Griebe — meaning straight couples. After searching online, they came across the Web site for KIC – Kiran Infertility Center, that guides foreign couples through the process of hiring a surrogate mother in India. 

After talking with Dr Samit, a prominent embryologist in India, the two decided to use Fister’s sperm for the pregnancy, and so he flew to India. Fister met his surrogate who, he says, is married with two children and told him the money she’s making from the surrogacy will go toward her children’s education. Fister says he was surprised at how open the clinic was. 

“The whole process was a lot more hands-on than it would be in the U.S.,” he says. “You get to see the whole process. I got to watch the embryos go in. Those are things you never get to see here. You follow them the whole way.” After one failed attempt and one miscarriage, their surrogate is now due in April.