while skydiving.   To read The Huffington Post’s account of this feat click here.  Not surprising the video of this couple having sex was not posted in the Huffington Post.  The protagonist removed the video from his blog, but if you look deep enough you will always find a site that already has a copy of the video on its site.

Research on Sex during parachute jump


Nice if you ever have a song created on a plane, but pornstar and in his spare time skydiving instructor Alex Torres aka Voodoo and Hope Howell, the receptionist at Skydive Taft, the Miles High Club by giving a new dimension to a song during a parachute jump.  They did the stunt early in the morning, so there would be as little a chance that other people or children would complain. Yet the Taft Police launched an investigation into the stunt. You can have sex in an airplane, but they are now investigating whether the pilot was distracted by the couple. David Crouch, the owner of Skydive Taft,  fired Alex Torres but he has not decided whether he will do the same with the receptionist.  The video had been on the blog of Torres, but he has since been removed. After this story, of course you want nothing more than the video. Well, let’s just have that video and it can be seen here . Note: NSFW