Iran Twitter Flag
Image by People's Open Graphics via Flickr

Here we have another American who decided to test the paranoid Islamic Republic of Iran.  While in their custody since August 2011,  Iran lost yet another nuclear asset.  The assassination in Tehran of  Mr. Roshan, a Chemical Engineer with a magnetic bomb attached to his car.   He was the fourth Iranian nuclear scientist killed in two years, a period in which the West has intensified covert actions against Iran’s nuclear program.

According to U.S. officials in Washington, Israel has played a central role in a series of attacks on Iranian scientists.  Computer viruses, explosions, and assassinations have hindered Iran’s aspirations to have a nuclear reactor online.

Ironically, Israel is considering decommissioning its nuclear facility in Dimona.  A facility that was commenced quietly, without public notice, early in  1958 near the ancient city of Beersheba in the heart of the Negev desert.  Their fear is that a successful airstrike would cause a nuclear disaster.

Amir Mirzaei Hekmati, a former Marine from Flint, Michigan was convicted of spying for the Central Intelligence Agency, C.I.A. by the government of Iran.  Mr. Hekmati’s background, his Iranian heritage and the linguistics work he did for the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, might help explain why the authorities in Iran had him arrested while he was visiting Iran for the first time.

He is now sitting on death row in an Iranian prison.  A pawn in a conflict of words between the United States and Iran.