What in fact is wrong with an open marriage If a closed marriage is a sexless existence. Frustration with having a frigid spouse, any person would rather seek another to satisfy them not only sexually but mentally and spiritually.

In economic terms it is much cheaper to continue sleeping with the spouse with whom you signed a marriage contract.

Till death do us part.

What is separating this couple if they desire to seek others for pleasure? Distance and time would be a temporary separation. The couple could continue waiting for death in this situation and not feel deceived by the other.

How many men and women sneak around when the spouse is not in sight? Isn’t this more harmful to the relationship? I would rather know my wife is having a good time with a friend then having her lie to me.


So Newt if Mrs. Gingrinch didn’t accept your proposal…then where does the truth lie in this relationship? That you are so incensed CNN dared pose such a question in a prestigious debate is understandable, but you really are protesting this too much. Own up to your economic savvy and please don’t call Mrs. ExGingrich a liar.

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