While having breakfast at the Crowne Plaza St. Paul, I hear the chef ask a man whose command of the English language is not excellent, to ask Mary for the left hand special. I don’t get either, but he does go ask Mary. She comes back to speak to chef and they enjoy a chuckle on him. I get it.
My waitress brings me the check. This is a custom that I find annoying. First she doesn’t ask if I want it, and second if I have the free breakfast coupon. I don’t, but please ask. I feel as if though I’m being rushed out of the restaurant. I’m the first one on Sunday at 0645.
I hear the chef cough, I look to my left and he’s leaning over the skillets. I wonder who will receive his cooked germs. It’s a man.
I just read on the SUNDAY PIONEER PREES that the Spaniards are honoring St. Anthony, the patron saint of animals, by affixing large balls of flaming wax on their horns. Crazy Spaniards! One crazy was trampled and gored yesterday at a different festival in the eastern part of Spain. I guess they’re crazy all over Spain. Tradition!
In Barcelona, the people finally said enough to bull fighting in 2011. In the last week of the final corridas, I sat iin the cheap seats of the bullring. My seats were so hot I had to take my t-shirt off and use it to cover the flaming grandstand.
“What the he’ll am I doing out here?but I never wanted to stop. It’s a dream, and I wanted to do it.” said Dutch sailor Laura Dekker after arriving yesterday at Simpson Bay, St. Maarten at the end of a year-long voyage aboard a sailboat named “Guppy.”. She is now the youngest person ever to have sailed alone around the globe. Crazy teenager, but who does she hurt?
So Gingrich garnered 40% of the vote in South Carolina. Ultra rich and secretive Romney will have to stop vacillating about his Income Taxes. Why is he in the 15% tax bracket? I’ll have to ask Larry about this one day.
Are you tired of the endless political advertisements? Turn the TV off! cancel your cable. Go to the library and read a book.
I wonder why Kim is so plump? She has sauntered past my table at least a dozen times. I’ve been here already an hour, reading the paper.
Interesting results in Egypt’s elections. Some revolution. Spring is coming to your nations too.

“Climate change skepticism seeps into science classrooms,” reads a headline.
Joe Paterno dies at 86. He was a philanthropist who didn’t know how to handle a pederast. The conflict between the scandal and the ivory clean tower of the university made him handle this case insufficiently. The university fired him by with a phone call. They didn’t even have the courage or decency to fire him in person. Paterno leaves a legacy of 46 years to the university. The love of the students and their mourning will be heartfelt. Hopefully the university will do the catholic thing and apologize to the Paterno family. Paterno will be there to stay.
Now I’m flying at 37,000 feet, returning to New York city. A miscommunication with the company has me missing my flight this morning from LaGuardia to Tampa. They’ll straighten this out eventually. Sometimes I wonder how some people get promoted into a position of authority.

The seat belt sign has been illuminated so I finish my conversation with the first class flight attendant and return to my seat in the emergency exit. We’re now climbing from 39,000 feet to seek smother air.

Returning back to the hotel’s chef. The “coughing chef” bids me farewell in such a cheery way I don’t ask the manager if he inspects his food staff for sickness. Hopefully he’s not a “typhoid Mary!”

I’m happy I’ve spent $39 dollars for a screen that gives me less glare and more traction on the iPad. Finally it seems I’m beginning to understand this contraption.

When I land, my car will not be at curbside. I’ll have to go fetch it in the Long Term Parking Lot. It will start and the snow will just blow off. Our plane needed deicing in Minneapolis. It was a long procedure that involved two types of liquids, a five minute wait, an observation, and I don’t know why it took over 40 minutes. I thought it was going to be quick. But, it was quick after the Captain told the flight attendants to be ready for take-off.

I heard a conversation by two pilots this morning on the way to the airport and they were talking shop. JFK Jr., John Wayne, the actor and his son, a pilot, the dismantling of atomic booms in the US, the Israeli’s and their destruction of Iraq’s nuclear reactor (this topic was mine), and flight attendants who have been promoted to pilot.

I would have loved to continue my career flying but an eye problem put an end to that. The Air Force will never know the talent that got away.

I’ m beginning to get sleepy so I’ll just say good-bye.

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