In the Local section of the St. Paul Pioneer Press, on Sunday, January 22, 2012 an article by Richard Chin ( introduces us to Mike Zoff of Arden Hills. He builds coffins that are affordable.

Incidentally, I’ve been to a Funeral Mass today. The deceased was the mother of a friend of my niece. My niece and her husband flew in yesterday afternoon from Boston to attend the wake, and today being I was free all day, I decided to pay my respects to Kelly and her family. The ceremony was beautiful. The hymns inspirational, and a little girl was a distraction from the usual tedious repetitive mass. “What is love? Love meets the needs of others.” is what I remember of the priest’s sermon.

Returning to the coffin shoppe. The pine coffins Mike builds start at $225 and range to approximately $800. These coffins are way under the thousands of dollars one pays for the metal ones.

Coincidentally Brooklyn-born Joe Paterno’s funeral is today and my neighbor’s is still unknown. She passed away about a week ago and only two days ago her nephew had the NYPD pay her a visit. They didn’t have to break the door down. “I have the keys to two of my neighbors on this floor,” Michele tells the big cop who disrupted my dinner. I won’t tell you what I was eating for fear of offending vegetarians. The smell of death permeated my dinner.

During breakfast the following day we discussed the problem of being the last one to die. The chance of rotting away for days is something I will avoid. I’m working on an idea and will consider seeking a patent for it. If I just die first then I won’t have to worry about stinking up the home or patenting a device. The “Smellometer” a registered trademark.

Demi Moore is exhausted. She’s lost weight and is still in mourning. “Because of the stresses in her life right now, Demi has chosen to seek professional assistance to treat her exhaustion and improve her overall health.”. I believe the stress is her vanishing beauty and the rejection of her younger mate.

Good speech by our president. Successful military rescue in Somalia and a hug and a rocking with the victim of Sarah Palin’s targets of her party. I still haven’t read the speech but the consensus seems to be it was a good one.

Time for dinner. bye

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