Finally! I sit down to write about something I’m not sure if I have been throughly convinced. No it’s not global warming, that I’m convinced already. I’m looking forward to the storms, floods, winds, and earthquakes this Earth will subject us in the coming years. Scientists are warning us to change our ways, but many skeptics continue to live without heeding their advice.

This is a pet peeve. I can’t stand those who hide behind their electronic gadgets. Stephen Hawking, needs gadgets to communicate and to transport himself. Those who are able to ambulate and have social intercourse do not need to interpose a gadget between himself and others.

Now to the ignorance of my mind. FLYERS REFUSE TO TURN OFF DEVICES. Items used despite safety warnings by Gary Stoller USA TODAY.

A USA TODAY investigation confirms that the worry about electronic devices is not baseless: The devices emit radio signals that CAN interfere with cockpit instruments and flight systems.

Why are Boeing and Airbus industries building such fragile flying machines?

I’m still not convinced.

“We really need to get the technical findings out to the public and tell them it’s dangerous to use their portable electronic devices in flight,” says Bill Strauss an electrical engineer whose doctoral thesis at Carnegie Mellon University studied use of electronic devices in-flight.

O.K. I’m impressed by the Carnegie Mellon credentials.

Advisories by government aviation officials, reviews of accidents reports, airline pilots’ incident reports, electromagnetic interference (EMI) experts, unions, college professors, flight attendants and not one accident has been cited due to EMI, but pilots have reported cases where their instruments went haywire. The probable cause was EMI.

EMI has been suspected in military aircraft accidents and has been an undetected factor in some crashes.

A pilot’s use of a cell phone in the cockpit resulted in his death and that of his passengers. The EMI distracted his mind. He did not monitor his altitude while landing.

Random interference has been cited. It can cause the improper functioning of aircraft avionics. Navigation and/or Auto Pilot for example.

I’m still not convinced. American Airlines was given approval by the FAA to its pilots to use electronic tablets in cockpits with the Wi-Fi off!

Since flight attendants were consulted in this study I am now convinced EMI will not interfere with anything below ten thousand feet. I have seen the glow of their iPhones while taking off and while landing.

It is now time to allow everyone to use their electronic devices but please do not converse with your neighbor. I want to sleep.

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