Israeli women and the Haredim. A controversy in the making that could get ugly. From the New York Times an article….Israeli Women Core of Debate On Orthodoxy, by Ethan Bronner and Isabel Kershner. Jerusalem!

“A fool throws a stone into a well and 1000 sages can’t remove it,” says Rabbi Dror Moshe Cassouto, a 33-year-old Hasidic, whose goal is to spread the light. “God watches over the Jewish nation, as long as it studies Torah.”

He is horrified about the spitting incidents and Nazi talk. He claims hard liners have caused harm to the Haredim. When asked about this he said, a fool throws a stone…and sages can’t retrieve it from a well, quote.

31 hours in Jerusalem

Three months ago the Israeli Health Ministry awarded pediatric professor, Channa Maayan for her book on hereditary deceases common to Jews. She was forbidden to take the stage to receive her prize, she was separated from her husband, and she was instructed that a male colleague would have to accept the award on her behalf. She complied with everything and yet a controversy has arisen.

Other have not taken this affront to women quietly. Maayan’s story is “entering the pantheon of secular anger building as a battle rages in Israel for control of the public space between the strictly religious and everyone else.”

“The place of the ultra-Orthodox Jews, an issue that has been neglected, has erupted into a crisis.”

What follows in the article is about “hadarat nashim, the exclusion of women and the Haredim.

I find it ridiculous that society still pays attention to the ultra-anything. I think it’s time to set the balance so that all can share open spaces without feeling being violated.

“The coexistence between the two is breaking down,” said Arye Carmon, president of the Israeli Democracy Institute. “It is an extreme danger.”

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