“No podemos perder,” I hear four men talking as I take my seat next to the fruit and cheese. They’re discussing some business. “Let’s solve this together”, I hear a voice with a Spanish accent speak. The four men sitting by the table to my left are talking about ships, offices, chemicals, containers, etc. I can’t figure out what type of business they run. Two of the four men remain. The Spaniard with his lisp is waiting for the Colombian “who had to see a man about a dog.”. When the man returns from the bathroom, the Spaniard tells him he didn’t want o leave alone. j
I’m in Bogotá, Colombia having breakfast, taking my time eating huevos fritos, tamales, caldo, granadilla ( passion fruit), papaya, mandarin, pineapple, watermelon, kiwi and melon.

The guttural German language has made an entrance. I hear numbers, and something about his computer. I guess he had the same problems I did last night. There’s something wrong with the server or their network.

In el tiempo I read about the legalization of drugs proposed by Santosnandbsomeonebelse. I can’t stand the iPad’s keyboard. The ns and bs are from my clumsy fingers that instead of hitting the space bar, hit n b or v.

Also I read about the Malvinas, I can’t believe that they are still in the news. I also find out Colombia aligned itself with the Anglo Saxons during the skirmish in 1988???

“En que habitation estamos mi amor” “210,”he replies. A young lady and her elderly mi amor have arrived as I was drinking my kumis.

Extremely friendly staff and a short term memory cook. I asked her for two fried eggs. She brings me scrambled eggs. Today she’s walking with a limp. This does not improve her memory either.

Later on I find out about the Spaniard. He’s Colombian. Why he speaks with a lisp is strange.

While sitting having a long breakfast I noticed 4 beautiful ladies just hanging around doing nothing. They wear what I assume is the hotel’s uniform. They do nothing.

Why do they need pretty women standing around the restaurant? I did notice the tall one approach the fruit stand. She didn’t replace anything.

The Hacienda Royal Hotel affiliated with Radisson at Calle 114 No. 6-02 in Bogotá, Colombia should give these pretty women a job. Standing around talking and doing nothing is ridiculous. The waiters,the and the cooks, are extremely busy. I don’t see why the management doesn’t recognize the uselessness of the beautiful women. Call them at +571 6578912 or email them at http://www.haciendaroyal.com to tell the management to give the beautiful women a task. Looking pretty is not a job.

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