The Overman by Alexander Star Sunday Jan15 2012. Egocentric and estimating himself as a titanic figure who could alter the course of history. ” I am by far the most terrible human being that has existed so far; this does not preclude the possibility that I be the most beneficial.”

He denigrated the slave morality of Christianity, which transfigured weakness into virtue and vital strength into sin; and called on the spirit to bring about a “transvaluation of all values.”

In his later works Nietzsche wrote of his disdain for the common “herd.”. He decried Christianity as “a crime against life.” he stated god is dead; [Don McClean is singing “all but love is dead. That is my belief.” on the iPod. This is the song “And I love you so.” Referring to G-d as only an aesthetic phenomenon that existence and the world are eternally justified.”

A fervent anti-Semite living his last decade in the care of his mother and then his sister, he despised the German nationalists who would have had him as a member in good standing.

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