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EU court ruling clarifies compensation for fliers.

EU regulations require airlines to assist and compensate passengers when a flight is canceled or delayed three hours or more. Its rules require airlines to reimburse or rebook passengers with canceled flights and to provide them with meals, refreshments, phone calls and, if needed, hotel rooms and airport-hotel transportation.

The European Union’s highest court ruled that airline passengers may be eligible for compensation if their flight fails to arrive at the scheduled destination. They may be compensated under both European Union regulations and international laws.

Passengers might be entitled to 250 euros for canceled flights of 1,500 kilometers or less, 400 euros for flights between 1,500 and 3,500 kilometers, or 600 euros for longer flights.

No hear this! Under international law stipulated by the Montreal Convention in 1999, airlines may be liable for up to a maximum of 4,750 euros for delays.

Airlines that fail to provide assistance during long delays could be liable for hotel, restaurant and other expenses without them being requested under EU regulations by the passenger.

This ruling applies only to departures from countries in the EU.

Guess what european airline was the one whose service was so atrocious after a delay that seven passengers decided to sue? Not surprisingly it was Air France. The passengers were booked onto other flights the next day, but only one was offered assistance by the airline. EU regulations require airlines to assist and compensate passengers when a flight is cancelled or delayed three hours or more.

Imagine how ludicrous this sounds. AIr Franc’s lack of customer service was the basis of this law. This law forces Air France, to give basic customer service, to those whose flights are canceled.

Meanwhile in the United Staes of America, a similar law was passed after an airline and the Port Authority of NY/NJ left passengers stranded at John F. Kennedy. The airline, Jet Blue, tried to maintain schedule on a wintry, icy day, and all that it managed was to gridlock itself to a stop in New York.

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