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“Some politicians,”… Obama droned on as he scratched his head with his index finger while he tried to come up with a snappy reason why gasoline prices are going up so early in the year.  He continued…”they see this as a political opportunity”…and then he patronized the crowd by saying, “I know you’re shocked about that.”  The Obama friendly crowd obligingly laughed at his weak attempt to joke about what the Republican candidates are beginning to see as a weakness of this president.  A president  who has not been able to control the oil companies, nor the maggots who are speculating on oil prices, nor the press who has been screaming for the past few weeks about the rising cost of gasoline. Barack Obama has not been able to do anything about the price of gas per gallon since he took office almost four year ago.

I sincerely believe the press has had an effect on gasoline prices. The press cries like Chicken Little, to all the owners of gasoline stations, the price per gallon of states like California and New York.  They’ve been reporting about the price per gallon when it was $3.49 and they’ve been predicting that the price of gasoline will be going to  over $5.00 per gallon throughout the nation for the coming summer months, if not earlier.  This president then continued later on in his attack on the Republican candidates for the office of president of the United States of America, that he can not fix the price of gasoline, in one year, one term nor in more than 4 years.

Mr. Obama why are you so inept and powerless?  Do the oil companies rule the world.  Do corporations have more power than the office of President of the United States of America?  Do they have control of the Armed Forces in Iraq, Afghanistan and the Persian Gulf?  I think it’s time to elect a President like Richard Milhous Nixon who froze gasoline prices during the Arab embargo back in the 70’s.

And then there’s the lack of control of his troops in Afghanistan.  Burning the Koran to incite the believers of Mohammed by his troops is unacceptable.  Peeing and desecrating the bodies of those who oppose the Americans in the Middle East is also unacceptable.  Why has he not asked for the resignation of the commander of these idiots who haven’t yet left these people alone to fend for themselves.  It’s time for these idiots to stop defending and fighting for me.  They are an embarrassment and if one or two U.S. soldiers die during the riots, an apology will just not be enough Mr. President.  Fire the commanders of these troops and court martial those responsible for pouring oil on the fires in the Middle East.tEEdMX0E4Cs

Thankfully, most of our troops are polite young men and women who abhor the actions of these idiots.  These heroes are trying to help the people of nations who have been oppressed by tyrants.  They’re trying to bring instant Democracy and instant Capitalism to these thankless ingrates.  It’s time to bring all the troops home and let the natives fend for themselves.