Nothing is going to change my world!

Nothing is going to change my world! Riding in the back seat of a car that is brusquely driven is not fun. Luckily we found, (was not whstbrcio were looking for.) a McDoalds in Palmira.

I convinced my cousin to go on a road trip to Buga, known as bugaboo on this dUmb iPad. Traveling at 160 km/hr in Cali, Colombia is an experience. Hogging the left lane is a truck doing 80km/hr, swerving to the right around the hog is my cousin, while my body swings to the left and then right and then to the left as he settles in the left lane again while complaining about the lack of discipline in this nation. As always, the motorcyclists are the peskiest pains in the ass.

According to the locals, who would scare away all tourists, this city is a battleground. I’m almost convinced it is so. Yesterday I saw the “phantasm” a Mirage doing passes over the mountains to the north of Cali.

Yesterday we walked to a joint where everything is fried. The heat emanating from this place could be felt as we approach it. The walk was long. I thought we were going to the corner to eat. A kilometer later going downhill before the sun set was tricky. The sidewalks seem to be the property of each homeowner. I’m watching where the news about Putin’s reelection is almost guaranteed. Earlier when I turned the tv on to see the final game of the matches in Dubai the news from Syria made me wonder if the us of a would ever use such force against our citizens. Ramstien base in Germany is celebrating another year of existence. Outside the birds are singing and flying by the closed window. There are no pets near me. It feels strange not to have one to pet and love. The Mosquitos keep feasting on me. I’ve tried everything to avoid them but they enjoy all the creams and salves I’ve used. My final line of defense is fanning them away with the puerto rican newspaper, The Star. That’s Tuesday’s February 21, 2012 edition, where two senators, one is McCain, want to arm the people in Syria and Messi Destroys Valencia, …scores 4 goals. Maybe we should send them Messi and his team Barcelona to distract the people. If Syria falls, what will be the fate of all of the Middle East?

I’m safe watching an episode in English on FOX. It’s about Tilly’s boobs.

Still I haven’t switched to tennis. I already found out who won…federer the rich Swiss.

Wow, that song Friday on FoX is so similar to that of the young annoying girl on YouTube.

Seguimos con… How I Met Your Mother

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