“El Sancocho me va a saber a mierda.” With tose sorda (dU’b iPad and auto correct) those words reverberating in my head we exited the car at La Flora shopping centre. I’m still surprised how foreign the city has become. Driving around this city, with all the construction projects, the Mio, the motorcyclists ,the pedestrians plus the back seat driver in the front right seat is an adventure.

Yesterdays’ adventure was not my doing. I thought we were going to rest on Sunday.

I finally heard the bird song I had been waiting to hear. The “Pit Shoo Whey” call I have always associated with Cali in the morning was the only thing I was longing to hear. I was told these birds had been decimated at the “hands” of the house cat that sleeps in the garden. I can’t believe this friendly, lazy cat is the assassin of El Bosque.I would love to put a bell on this cat, however I won’t since he seems to spend his mornings just lying around the garden.This is not the bird.

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