What a simple solution. Why wait to try this on humans?

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It’s reported by CBS Evening News that a 17-year-old Angela Zhang unveiled an insanely amazing breakthrough–a revolutionary new way of treating cancer without making people sick in the process. Sounds like something out of a futuristic sci-fi book, but it’s real–Angela came up with the idea, built it, tested it and (according to all the experiments that have been done by her and other experts) found out that it works! Yes, there is a lot more testing that needs to happen before it can be used to treat people, but it’s still the most promising advance I’ve ever heard of.

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CBS Evening News Video

It’s no wonder she won $100,000, a Science & Technology Prize, in a Siemens national science contest.

High school senior Angela Zhang, a typical American teenager, born to an immigrant Chinese family of

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