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Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen?

Do not click on the next page to see the picture that Wilhem Conrad Röntgen “made possible when he was the first scientist to observe and record X-rays,  on November 8, 1895.


Do not see the picture that Wilhem Conrad Röntgen “made possible when he was the first scientist to observe and record X-rays,  on November 8, 1895.

He had been fiddling with a set of cathode ray instruments and was surprised to find a flickering image cast by his instruments separated from them by some distance. He knew that the image he saw was not being cast by the cathode rays (now known as beams of electrons) as they could not penetrate air for any significant distance.

After some considerable investigation, he named the new rays “X” to indicate they were unknown.”


The Sarcastic Cynic™

I’ve been busy catching up with all the events that have transpired since Whitney Houston died.

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It’s sad that a certain Irishman born in the US of A, with a show on Fox News, had to say she killed herself.  I sincerely think this wonderful woman had no intention to die.  I don’t understand addictions since I’m only addicted to being happy and not caring about those who try to make me miserable.  I find it sad she fell in love with someone who didn’t inspire her to better herself and that she kept falling back into the company of those who enabled her destructive behavior.

Right now I’m watching The 54th Annual Grammy Awards.  So far Bruno Mars, Rihanna and Coldplay, Maroon 5, The Beach Boys, and…  We Could’ve Had it All by Adele have entertained me well. The Adele Song is a commercial for Target sung by a girl with a group of eight girls on a bus.  Catchy tune and ad.  Fans who know Adele best, know the best place to buy her album.  Also the Foo Fighters’ acceptance speech about not being perfect and the human element of making music and learning your craft was given a standing ovation by their peers. But 100 minutes into the show I got up to make my tea after listening to The Civil Wars.  What a sexy, sultry woman!  This and the Decemberists are groups I’ve been neglecting.  I feel as if though I’ve been asleep through a revolution.

Taylor Swift.  I drown her out with the microwave.  There is something I don’t quite like about this pretty woman. I’m only imagining this but I think this is the type of woman who seduces boys, just to see if she can take them away from other girls. Yes, I think she’s a talented bitch. Some day I’ll be singing this at the Grammy’s,  And all you’re going to be is mean, Why do you have to be so mean, All you are is mean, A liar and pathetic, and alone in life, and mean, Why do you have to be…(pause) so mean?! A standing ovation and the look of surprise she always uses to accept her loving fan’s applause.

“Up next… Katie Perry performs, and Adele takes the Grammy stage to sing, then an amazing production number by Nicky Minaj everyone will be talking about tomorrow.  Still to come Glenn Campbell’s honored and takes the Grammy stage with the Band Perry and Blake Shelton and a first ever Grammy Dance Mash Up (?)  featuring Chris Brown,  David Getta, Lil Wayne, Dead Mouse, and Foo Fighters.”

As I steep my tea I re-listen this banjo strumming pale beauty’s song.  Is this about being bullied or about being a bully, using the media to propagate her hatred?  I’m not sure, since I’m not really acquainted with her.

I just opened today’s rag and on the third page is a famous ass.  Jennifer Lopez.  J.Lo is ‘red’y for love.  Wearing a red dress and exhibiting her famous derriere in Vogue’s first digital edition is an older woman who is fighting to stay young and relevant. “I don’t feel older, and I don’t feel like I look it, either, so I am just acting the same way I have always acted,” she tells the mag.  Jennifer, stop fooling yourself and be yourself.  You are looking older and soon your youthful beauty will dissipate.  Only Marilyn Monroe and Jim Morrison and others who couldn’t live to be old will always be remembered in their youth.

Yesterday I watched most of the 84th Academy Awards hosted by a more feminine looking Billy Crystal.  He was good taking jabs at the Chapter 11 Theater.  Being that Kodak has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, I believe he was not allowed to use the name…Kodak Theatre.  The acceptance speech by the director of the Foreign Language Film, A Separation, was moving.  Politicians want war, the people don’t! was the message of his acceptance speech.

Continuing to see and drink my cold tea, I know about Nicky Minaj’s production.  I have not been quite asleep through a revolution.  I was surprised she was allowed to do such crap.  I guess it’s O.K. to attack Christian beliefs in today’s culture, but it’s politically incorrect to attack others who enjoy beheading Americans.

I enjoy petting Torrey who always comes to my side to see me write.  He lies down, carelessly putting his tail between the coasters of my chair.  One day I’m going to forget he’s there and he’s never going to lie by my side ever again. I turn and pet him with my foot.  He meows in approval.

I’m now watching live television. Today’s headlines are not that different from last month’s.  A soldier in Afghanistan has massacred women, children, and men.  Another American who has blackened our integrity.  If this soldier isn’t prosecuted or given court martial, I will lose hope in our future as a country that upholds the Constitution and the Separation of Powers.

Till later since I still have to finish watching the Grammy’s and the Oscar’s and the Australian Formula One Practice session recorded on the DVR this morning at 1:30 A.M.  This is another Australian Formula One race I will miss, since I don’t like taking long trips in metal tubes.

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