If these are the towels..? What about the linen and carpet?

Sent from my dUmb iPad! and using its duMb caMera,  I have now noticed that I can’t see the stain clearly.  If we’re using Cartesian coordinates using inches as the measuring unit…the stain is at (+5, +3).

This is not the first time I have found stained towels or linen at a hotel.  Normally I call down to the front desk to have the dirty items removed, but this time I wasn’t in the mood to call them.  I was about to dry myself after taking a comfortable shower early in the morning in Phoenix, AZ.  when I noticed the soiled towel.

Oh,  by the way, just in case you have not been awake and aware of the changes and challenges this state is facing with illegal immigrants—Arizona is the state with that sheriff named Arapaai.  Joe Arpaio is the sheriff who believes prisoners  should work to pay for their stay in his jails.

This is the state that will be challenged by the United States government in relation to the right of the states to circumvent or ignore federal laws.  This is the state where children who were brought illegally  to the United States of America are beginning to be arrested by the police who now think they work as Immigration and Naturalization Agents.

O.K., I’m digressing about the soiled items.  These were the other items that were not up to standard at this mediocre chain.

Light bulb missing in tall lamp.  Hair on phone handset.  Public hairs on floor. Stains on the floor of the bathroom, which I cleaned using one of the clean hand towels.  Dirty carpet,  lounge chair and remote control.  Crumbs in the crevices of the lounge chair.  Windows that never seem to be cleaned at any hotel.  Locks that don’t lock.  Clogged up drains in tub and sink.  Noisy guests…  most seem to be oblivious to the fact that some have to sleep early and others are just too drunk and noisy to care about anyone else.  Ice machines that are exposed to the halls.  You can hear the constant noise of ice dropping.  Noisy elevators.  What is the need to have it ring when the door opens?  Can’t the people see the door open?

Why do I stay at this hotel chain?  The company pays for it and I will not be reimbursed if I chose a better one.  So… I tolerate the dirty conditions, shake my head in frustration and give up that one day I’ll find a room that is completely up to standard.