entered the bagel shop on Queens Boulevard.  He looked annoyed when he heard her voice.  It was quiet before this rotund woman and her partner entered. “I always take it from the bottom,”  she said loudly to her partner, referring to the newspaper she was pulling from the stack.  Her partner took one from the top.  From where I was sitting I could see their police vehicle.  They’re from the 112th Precinct. “Shit this!” and “Shit that,” she continued to impress me with her vocabulary.   I got up to throw my paper plate into the trash bin.  The man who was enjoying the quiet,  looked at me as I threw the plate away.  I looked back until he turned his eyes to the books he was reading.  I couldn’t read the spines, but these looked like law books.  The court houses are within walking distance of this bagel shop on 78th Ave.

Yesterday I heard about this man who was enjoying his coffee from Mireille.  He’s a chess player who blew and picked his nose while he ate his breakfast.  Today he looks like a well dressed lawyer and I didn’t see him digging for gold.

The partner of the rotund woman joked when he returned the NY Post back on the stand.  He took something out of it and made a gesture of reaching for his gun when she told him to put it back. “Make me,” he said while touching his holster.

I thought they were going to leave the bagel shop but they sat at the third booth on the left side.  By now I had already finished reading the April 2, 2012 issue of  Time magazine and had already ripped off the mailing address.

I read Fareed Zakaria, Incarceration Nation, The war on drugs has succeeded only in putting millions of Americans in jail.  How surprising is it that we have lost another war?  I skimmed the essay on How to Stay Alive While Being Black, In the wake of the fatal shooting of Trayvon Martin, some advice for young black boys.   “Young black boys have been reminded that they are walking targets for hate.”  I don’t know if this 17-year-old was targeted because of hatred, but I have a feeling that the police wannabee will be found guilty of Murder in the  second degree or of violating the constitutional rights of Mr. Martin.  Why would a child who went to buy Skittles end up being chased by a gun toting man?  This just doesn’t make any sense to me.

I also read Joe Klein’s Ten is Enough.  We’ve accomplished our mission in Afghanistan.  Bring the troops home now.  Have we?  Is democracy in place and have we defeated al-Quaeda?  All we have accomplished is overthrowing the Taliban, destroying most of the hierarchy of al-Qaeda, and putting in power a puppet of the Bush Administration.  Is this another war we will not win?  I agree with Mr. Klein.  Osama bin Laden is dead. “The struggle against Islamic terrorism will continue to require vigilant attention and occasional military action, but it is more diffuse now, and our ongoing interests in Afghanistan are limited.  It’s long past time for the bulk of our troops to come home.”

The New Christian Right, How Rick Santorum’s campaign has revitalized the GOP’s social-conservative network  and Rendering unto Castro, On his visit to Cuba, the Pope will find his church with greater influence as it plays a game of patience and diplomacy.  I wasn’t interested in reading about these two Roman Catholics.  One is no longer running for office and the other should considering leaving office.

“Mayor Bloomberg has his nose in everything,”  I heard the male police officer say this to the other officer.  I turned around, my back to the mirror,  so that I wouldn’t have to strain my neck.  I wanted to see and hear what he was going to say about his boss.  He took a sip and didn’t continue talking so loudly.  At least this officer has the intelligence to say something sotto voce.

Mireille finally spoke as we left the bagel shop to go to work.  “She’s always here in the morning.  I don’t understand how she passed all those fitness tests.  The detectives that come here don’t make all that noise.  They order and leave quietly.”   She’s used to seeing this woman every morning around 6:15. I wonder how Mireille, who likes to enjoy a quiet moment while having breakfast before going to work, can stand this duo.