The first time I heard about the demand for quality sperm was on WCBS 880 AM Radio.  Apparently good sperm is hard to find.  The second time was while reading this week’s issue of  Time Magazine.  Here are a few surprising facts about sperm donation.

Time April 16, 2012  FROZEN ASSETS.  America is the largest exporter of sperm.  But what happens when all those kids grow up and decide to go looking for Daddy?

Donors are profiled by height, appearance and education.

“A man with a Ph.D can make as much as $500 per ejaculation.  Those with a Master’s or a Bachelor’s degree will earn $60 per ejaculate if their height is over  69 inches.  If the donor’s sperm is dense and if it has good mobility the donor might earn up to $60,000 over two years.  The donors are limited to only two years of service.”

“The United States of America exports sperm to at least 60 countries.  Almost all donated sperm in Australia and Canada comes from the U.S.”

In Muslim countries, a woman must have her husband’s consent to receive artificial insemination.

To order for sperm just click on this site.  The couple or the woman with fertility challenges can select their sperm on Fairfax Cryobank by plugging a picture of her husband or a best friend,  and facial recognition software will look for the closest possible donor match.  The challenged can view the donor’s college transcripts, family medical histories and even photos of existing children and video interviews with the donors.  All customers have to do is pick and pay, and a few days later, a canister of the sperm frozen in liquid nitrogen arrives at their doctor’s office.

Other methods of being inseminated involves friendship.  Today,  I found out who inseminated Melinda Katz.  I’ve known Melinda for many years.  I’ve helped in her campaigns for political office in New York and we’ve lived in the same neighborhood for many years.  To read about her struggle to have a child please read the New York Post’s article that follows.  It’s quite a nice story about an independent woman who planned to have children to raise by herself.  Fate had other plans for her and her friend who assisted in her quest to be a mother.

Melinda Katz always saw herself as the consummate independent New York woman — a lawyer, a lawmaker for 16 years and a rising star in the Democratic Party. In 1998, when she suffered a health scare while running for Congress, she asked a former boyfriend for a sperm donation but always planned to raise any child alone.

In 2008, at age 42, then-City Councilwoman Katz gave birth to a son, Carter. She deflected questions from reporters asking her to reveal the father’s identity.

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