Transportation Security Administration (TSA)
Claims Management Branch
Tort Claim Package

You have downloaded the Tort Claim Package for TSA. If you have suffered property damage/loss or a personal injury
AND you believe that a TSA employee’s negligence caused the incident, please fill out this package in it’s entirety

To speed the process of your claim, the following should be included with your claim:
1. Purchase receipt of the ORIGINAL item lost or damaged. (If unavailable; credit card statements, bank statements, appraisals, etc.)
2. Boarding Passes, copies of Baggage Tags, and any other Air Carrier or TSA documents related to this trip
3. Repair Estimates (if unable to repair, a written statement from the repair shop is required)
4. Replacement Estimates
5. Photographs of lost/damaged items (past or present)
6. Police, Witness, or Incident Reports (if applicable)
7. Air Carrier/Other company claim reports
8. Fill out the claim form completely (front and back). Blanks may delay your claim
9. Submit a claim immediately. Delay in filing a claim can make gathering information difficult or inaccurate
U.S. Mail Address:
TSA Claims Management Branch
601 South 12th Street – TSA 9
Arlington, VA 20598-6009
(571) 227-1904
Once Submitted, you should receive an acknowledgement letter from TSA within three weeks if you submit the claim by USPS (within 6 days if submitted by
fax). This letter will include a TSA control number and instructions. Use this control number to check the status of your claim, or for any other communications
with the TSA Claims Management Branch.

Don’t waste your time filing a claim against this unit.

The TSA’s address IS not an address the U.S. Postal Service can find.  I have mailed this three times and three times it has been returned to sender.  I have also faxed the form to the number provided in this form and they have not responded in 6 days.