Indonesia.  This mulatto who is now president of the United States of America still thinks joking around the fact that he ate dog meat when he was a boy in Indonesia is stuff to make us laugh.  I don’t know the sycophants who laugh at his jokes but these quotes are in poor taste.  This is the United States of  America where eating dog meat or any other “exotic” meat is not the norm.

Talking about Sarah Palin’s guest-host role at the “Today” show on NBC he said: “What’s the difference between a hockey mom and a pit bull?  A pit bull is delicious.”

Quoting  his stepfather: “My stepfather always told me it’s a boy-eat-dog world out there.”

Why would anyone laugh at these insensitive remarks?  If you look at the list of some of those present at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner,  I’m sure you will not be surprised why this mulatto behaved this way.

Politicians and actors.  It’s funny both are quite alike.