40 miles of car-free streets with 32,000 other cyclists in the greatest city on Earth!

Car-free streets?  Not quite as advertised.  We were detained at 130 Street in Harlem because this street was not closed to traffic.

Rest areas were adequate but because of the long delays at 130 Street the cyclists were shooed out before having time to eat a banana.  The food was just junk food and bananas. 

The ride was fine and easy going for most of the ride until it reached the Pulaski Bridge and the Verrazano Narrows Bridge.  By then most riders did not have the legs to make it over the inclines.

The pictures taken are only when the tour stopped.  Next time I’ll stop more often to take advantage of the great scenery.  They threatened to confiscate cameras if you stopped on the bridges to take pictures.

The NYPD did a fantastic job of blocking all the other roads and highways to  make this day memorable and safe.

The Festival in Staten Island at Fort Wadsworth was crowded.  The lines for more junk food were long.  We left before everyone decided to return to Manhattan on the Ferry.  Apparently, others thought the same.  We waited and waited.  That seemed to be the theme of the 2012 Five Boro Tour Ride.