English: TSA insignia
English: TSA insignia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

How have I missed the TSA? Immensely! “Can I see another ID? Ellie Johnson asked me when I showed her a perfectly valid ID? “Excuse me but what is wrong with this ID? “Nothing is wrong,” she told me. “So why do you need to see another ID? I inquired irritably. “It is my right to ask you for another ID”, she said with a straight face. I had just cleared Customs and Immigration and a pre-customs reception that went without any hitches. The pre-Customs guy couldn’t read my handwriting. I smiled because I thought I had printed all my information clearly. New York City. The Immigration Inspector welcomed me home and the Customs guy asked me where I was coming from, which he could perfectly read from Form 6059B. It seems the guys that welcome you into the United States of America have improved their customer service qualities and the Transportation Security Administration still needs more training. The more I fly the less I respect these TSA agents. When they were first hired in a rush after the incidents of 2001, they hired many thieves that were using the X-ray machines to look into baggage that they wanted to pilfer. Many were fired. It’s too bad a few TSA agents are making the flying public miserable with their actions. Welcome back to the US of A, where the din of CNN and Wolf Blitzer and the impending elections is all I hear.

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