However,  Mayor Bloomberg has not made New York City cleaner.  He’s tried to improve the health of many, and failed miserably because the people do not want to be told how to live their lives.  This failure was not his fault.  Please see this set to see how dirty Forest Hills, New York is.  This is not an anomaly but a constant reality.  Queens Boulevard, the so called “Boulevard of Death” is a pigsty.  There doesn’t seem to be any enforcement of any codes pertaining to the condition of the sidewalks and streets.  Enjoy the set.


Littering Complaint

You can report streets and sidewalks that are the target of chronic littering. The City does not respond to reports of a one-time occurrence. People caught littering may get a summons. Property owners are responsible for cleaning litter from public areas next to their property even if a chronic littering report has been filed.

You can also report litter, garbage, or debris on highways.