Don’t watch this video if it offends you to see a woman sit face to face on a man while playing with fire.

This is Jessica Krigsman, 24, performing as Nikki Talis. She’s a burlesque dancer who performs a fire-eating bondage act while straddling a man whose hands are tied.

Her other act is enticing NYPD officers by going topless in public parks. This time it was “2008 Cop of the Month”Officer Colleen Canavan, who fell into this trap.

Court of Appeals 1992, People vs. Santorelli, upheld a decision that allows women to be topless anywhere a man is also allowed to be bare chested.

The wrongfully arrested vixen has filed suit against the City of New York. “She was minding her own business, sunbathing, and they (the ignorant police) approached her aggressively,” said her lawyer, Stuart Jacobs.

How comfortable are you being topless in public?

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