Toronto Blue Jays
Spring Training 2013 in Dunedin, Florida

Boston?  It’s closer by any means of transportation to New York City.

Boston?  It’s a great city but like Paris the people are not.

Boston?  They gave a gift World Series to the New York Metropolitans.

St. Louis?  It’s a great city but like Boston and Paris, the people are not.

St. Louis?  The food is just as good as that in Boston, but New York’s is better.

St. Louis?  The Arch… Nothing compares to that arch.  The arches in Boston pale as those in New York except the one in Brooklyn, and Manhattan, and Staten Island, and Queens, and the Bronx.  Look around NYC and you will see our arches if you stop drinking beer and wine while staying in Manhattan.

Theatre.  No contest here.  New York

Sports.  We have the New York Jets (Please stop laughing.) and the New York Giants.  They call themselves New York teams and they don’t play in New York.  They’re New Jersey’s teams.  

Basketball…The Celtics vs. the Knickerbockers.  No contest…Celtics.  Hockey?  Rangers vs. the Blues vs. Bruins.  It doesn’t really matter anymore.  Just about every team makes the playoffs.  

Universities.  Massachusetts, Missouri, New York?  MIT, Harvard and others, Cornell, CUNY, SUNY.  Need I say anything else?

What do we have in New York that might make me root for Boston?  The New York Yankees!