with a woman who was arranging a tryst with her alleged 6-y-o female child.  The pedophile allegedly told the investigators, “I find girls that age incredibly sexy, soft, and their innocence is also a huge turn-on for me,  6 is the perfect time to start her being loved that way.”
This  77-year-old Airmont, Rockland County, resident allegedly and unwittingly told investigators  about his “love” for young girls.  How the sting was set or who informed the authorities about his pedophilistic tendencies is probably subject matter for MSNBC’s predator type shows “Caught on Tape.”

And to make me shake my head again in disapproval is the small article in the NY Post about a principal who refused to listen to the children who kept telling her tales of the rape of their classmate.

This was the e-mail the alleged rapist/pedophile sent to the really old in comparison to the 6-year-old girl.

“I was too rough.  Sorry, It’s normal.  You may feel pain for a few days.”  And guess who found the e-mail?  The mother who remains unknown until Anthony Crisuolo, the male 40-year-old, of PS 386 School for the Environmental Citizenship, stands trials for allegedly raping her daughter.  The rape occurred  a month after the child’s classmates had told Angelyn Donald, the Principal of PS 386 in the Bronx.

Of course the “Princial,”  Angelyn Donald denies being alerted to the possible misconduct of the rapist, Anthony Crisuolo.

How did the rapist gain access to this child?  The parents allowed Anthony Crisuolo to escort their daughter to an awards ceremony at the Fordham Heights school, but instead of  entering the school for the ceremony, he drove her to a parking lot in his silver Dodge Charger where he took advantage of the child.  The child had allegedly received repulsive, sexually explicitly messages.  If these messages had anything to do with the luring of the child to the “award ceremony” is probably something that the child will have to answer in court during cross examination.

Sadly this case is similar to another where the child committed suicide just before the trial.  I hope this does not happen.

Lecturing children not to spread rumors, instead of investigating what they’re saying is hard to believe.  I don’t think a woman in charge of a Public School would dismiss these allegations without consulting another person in her staff.  Someone else, besides the Fifth Graders, knows more about the conduct of the principal adult who could have prevented this tryst.  Angelyn Donald and Anthony Crisuolo should both stand trial for rape.



Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/retired-new-york-dj-busted-child-sex-sting-officials-article-1.1495924#ixzz2ijXCWnEb