But if you really want to plumb the limits of secular aesthetics. Try doing this to the Koran.

Statue of Brecht outside the Berliner Ensemble...
Statue of Brecht outside the Berliner Ensemble’s theatre in Berlin. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Adam Broombery and Oliver Chanarin have overprinted the scriptures with photos of conflict, trickery, love, death, and perversion, not so much subverting the book as laying it bare.  The pair was inspired by a Bible of Bertolt Brecht’s, which he had filled with notes and collaged newspaper photos.  The troublemaking genius dedicated to exposing theatrical artifice to audience was also “so suspicious of press images that he referred to them as hieroglyphics in need of deciphering or decoding”

Broombery and Chanarin emphasize this ongoing dilemma through their use of unlabeled pictures culled from London’s Archine of Modern Conflict.

Read more: http://www.villagevoice.com/2013-10-30/art/the-atrocity-exhibition/  Do not click below to see  photos of conflict, trickery, love, death, and perversion