Usually when someone dies, the family has a funeral in their honor…

I’ve been thinking about what would happen if I had one before I died.

This way I might realize if my life had been worth living.  If I had any effect on anyone.  If I accomplished anything.  If I offended many.

It would be interesting bringing all the characters I met on my trips around Europe and Asia and the Americas.

Sorry  Africa the closest I’ve been to you is Morocco from Spain or if you count a nation that doesn’t consider itself to be African, then I’ve visited you also.

Antarctica and Australia, I haven’t even come close to you.  I’ve thought about visiting you during the Australian Open or the Grand Prix but those planes that are flying now are too slow for me.

Lately I’ve been doing a photo journal of my mother, who passed away in May, just a few days before my birthday and the journal has been degenerating into one that includes happy stages of my life.  From infancy to toddler to teenager to semi adult to adult to semi adult and hopefully not yet again to teenager.

Also I’ve been listening to my Creative Zen, which I hate how it operates, but I love it because it’s just not an Apple product.  The music included in it is just what I would like to listen as I lay anywhere living my last moments.

Since I haven’t been able to avoid the curse of Apple.  The iPad  (the damn thing even corrects the way I type ipad), has a list of favorites that I think would keep me alive for many days.

My only wish is that I receive no flowers and no last rites.

Someone would have to schlep all the photo albums  I printed before the digital era began.

My youngest sister and the 3rd have the passwords to my digital library which is too large to print with out a subsidy from Congress.

I hope they have the time to see a few before Yahoo takes it away from them.  I guess I’m going to have to create a Last Will and Testament to see that my digital life ends with a happy ending.

I don’t know how to plan a funeral, but I do know how to buy a casket with the aid of my brother-in-law or my former landlord at Fox Funeral Home.

Now,  the only thing is where would I leave my body?  Do I incinerate it or do I follow the advice of our parents.  I’ll have to decide this soon since I’ve almost died thrice in my life.  The first one I have no recollections but those of my mother.  The second and third I was able to say my last two words.