A popular belief in YarmouthNova Scotia, holds that Meredith Willson wrote the song in 1951 while staying in Yarmouth’s Grand Hotel.[1] The song makes reference to a “tree in the Grand Hotel, one in the park as well…”; the park being Frost Park, directly across the road from the Grand Hotel, which still operates in Yarmouth.

Gasoline copyYesterday on WCBS 880 AM, I heard  gas price would be dropping.  Imagine that!  Soon we’ll start hearing that the airlines will be dropping their fuel surcharges as well.

So far in Long Island I was lured in by a BP gas station sign  that promised $3.49.  I filled up with the assistance of an attendant who couldn’t swipe my credit card, he had to swipe it 3 times, and then couldn’t enter my zip code.

The dreaded “see attendant” flashed on the screen.

When I returned with the cashier to the pump, the message was gone.  He was able to swipe and enter the correct information.