The hunt began with a phone call.  A “beautiful deer” had been spotted.  This group of bored young men who had previously “hunted” and lured at  least five victims, decided to hunt and trap another “beautiful deer.”  This rape followed another attack in a  similar case in New Delhi, where men ganged raped a woman on a private bus until she died.

The five rapists of Mumbai have pleaded not guilty.  Their casual confidence reinforces the notion that rape has been a largely invisible crime, where convictions are infrequent and victims silently go away.  Not until their arrest, at a moment when sexual violence has grabbed headlines and risen to the top of the state’s agenda, did the seriousness of the crime sink in.  NYT Sunday, October 27, 2013

While searching for this article another rape in Mumbai caught my attention.




The 16-year-old girl who was gang-raped in Mumbai on Friday by four men in an open drain has demanded the death penalty for her rapists.

“I want them to be hanged. They have ruined my life and if they go scot free, they will ruin the lives of other women too,” she told reporters.