My right hand is beginning to show signs of sun damage. I guess it was about time it happened. I have an aversion to creams of any sort.

Seated by myself in 4A in a Brazilian jet especially designed for markets like New York to Dallas.

Please let me introduce my neighbors.

I’m surrounded by 3A who is coughing, 3C who has the sniffles, 3D who is coughing, 4D who coughing and sneezing, 5A in economy who is sneezing and coughing and 5C who has been blowing her nose like a trumpeting elephant. It’s that time of the year when the flu starts to make its denizens ill. This time though I’m protected and feel fine. Elaine Paige I Know Him So Well.

Queen I Want to Break Free. We’re starting our slow descent into a warm Texas morning. The crew have been outstanding. The announcements clear, concise, and said in a voice that gives passengers the impression that when they ask us to sit down; they mean it and we comply.

Gogo announcements being made, Foreigner, I Want to Know What Love Is, place big items in overhead compartment and stow other in seat back pockets, etc. this time I didn’t pay attention.

Continuing with our flight crew. It was the third smile of the day when she greeted me onboard the aircraft. The second was the Delta security agent near the TSA checkpoint. Ding…preparation for landing. Rustling of plastic bag by my side by the economy f/a. She’s a little, tough, more mature lady who made me smile when the safety announcements were being introduced. Obviously a crew that enjoys flying over American airspace.

I lifted the window shade to feel oppressive heat and light reflecting over Grapevine.

Landing soon to see a Formula 1 race in Austin, Texas. Won’t be driving nor flying further down South.

Final ding before landing at DFW. The gear is down.

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