The eight game of the FIDE World Chennai 2013 Championship Match, being held in Chennai, India ended in a draw.  The game today was similar to that played by two children who just exchange pieces until all they have left is a Queen and a Knight.

A boring game was played by both players.  Obviously Carlsen doesn’t have to risk anything anymore.  With 4 games left in the match, the current champion from India will have only two more chances to play with the white pieces.  That will be the only advantage Viswanathan Anand will have, and if he doesn’t play aggressively after a day of rest tomorrow, the match will be in Magnus Carlsen’s hands. 

Magnus Carlsen retains two points lead against Anand – The Times of India, 14 hours ago

Viswanathan Anand fails to break through as Game 8 ends in a draw – Livemint #fwcm2013, 14 hours ago