And the Devil Will Drag You Under
And the Devil Will Drag You Under (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Slam, slam, slam them cart doors!

37 minutes after take-off a cute blonde with a short pony tail is finally pulling the beverage cart up the inclined aisle. I heard her banging the carts open and shut so many times that I think catering needs to set them better. She has an air of Pink, the sexy singer. She smiles comfortably. Maybe the guys are flirting with her. Maybe not, because she smiles at the women as well while asking if they wish to purchase, [37,000. 2:15 to touchdown] food. Today they’re serving Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen loaded wraps with a side of mashed potatoes and plenty of Sierra Mist.

Sexy Pink is married. I order a Baileys on the rocks and a can of Pringles. She also offers me peanuts. I compliment her for her beautiful wedding ring and her beauty. She’s a little bashful. [Mujeres Lindas by Vincente Fernandez, one of my mom’s favorite songs is playing] I notice Sexy Beauty  talking to a woman two rows in front.

Time to read Howard’s book And The Devil Will Drag You Under by Jack L. Chalker.

So far two jewels have been recovered. The Earth is still in peril of being hit by an asteroid. I’m beginning to think this devil is more dangerous than being made extinct by a big rock that will hit them in 2 days.

I get up to walk the dog. It’s occupied by the lady who also made the 2:01 flight back to LaGuardia International Airport. We were both confirmed for the 4:30 flight.  Sexy Pink is seated with her left leg in the aisle and her right leg facing parallel to our flight path. She adjusts her dress to try to cover her knees. It’s no use, I’ve already tried to not look that far down, while talking to her about 40 Thieves, a solitaire card game on her small iPad.  I greet the lady as she exits the bathroom which is to the right of the galley if you’re facing backwards. We met by the bridge as we entered the aircraft. I say hello and say good-bye to Sexy Pink, closing the door and feeling bad that she was still talking to me as I was closing it.

Another beauty, wearing a purple dress, high heeled boots, tall and well proportioned gets up to go to the bathroom. She returns from the bathroom swinging her hips up and down and after reaching her seat she turns back walking in my direction, to take a picture of her male colleague who is out cold. She leans back into my seat putting her hips an inch by my nose. I look at her great hips because I wanted to know what she was going to do with her cell phone. She apologizes for encroaching my space. I didn’t mind the view she gave me of her landscape.

Another woman heads to the bathroom. She’s wearing a comfortable ensemble. Sweats pants and pullover. [This is the End has finished playing. Now,  Compay Segundo…Llego a Puerto.]

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